Feedback from your customers

Feedback is the backbone of any process of communication. Implementing an effective feedback system allows your clients to be satisfied and loyal customers.

When working with a management system, it’s very important to give your client the opportunity to leave feedback. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It shows that your company is an effective and keen listener
  • It promotes clarity and boosts unambiguity
  • It opens the doors for improvement and betterment

Customer feedback helps improve products and services

When your company first introduces a new service or product, you base your expectations on the market research you did beforehand. But it’s only after your customers use your service that you can really learn about the advantages, flaws and experience. By receiving constant feedback, you keep up with the needs and expectations of your clients efficiently.

Customer feedback helps you measure customer satisfaction

There is a close connection between customer satisfaction and business performance. So basically, keeping your clients happy is good for business. How do you know what keeps them happy? The best way to find out is by having an in-built feedback system in your management software; this allows you to measure their satisfaction and understand what needs to be done to improve your service.

Customer feedback helps you create a better customer experience

By providing an amazing customer experience, clients stay loyal to your brand, refer friends to your business and help you improve your service. The most effective way of giving an amazing experience is simply asking clients what they like about your service. Ask them what should be improved, and show them that you are continuously working on upgrading your products and services. 

Using Vivo’s in-built feedback system, you can easily receive feedback and ratings from customers, understand your weak points and promote great reviews. You can also offer special offers and online discounts to thank them for their contribution!

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