Get listed free of charge

No matter what kind of merchant you are, Vivo has something to offer you: a free listing, your own booking calendar, automated reminders, performance reports, and detailed client profiles.

Here are some of the features and benefits of using Vivo.

Easily manage your clients:

An easy to use interactive calendar which makes it super easy for clients to book online 24/7 from any device including PC, tablet and smartphone. This takes complex coordination out of the picture and allows the client to use an easy online appointment booking process.

Keep your clients engaged:

It’s never been easier to send automated texts and email reminders to make sure your customers keep commitments and stay engaged with your business. All they need to do is download the Vivo app (available for Apple and Android) and voilà! Push notifications will keep them going. A great way for you to save money on other kinds of marketing messages.

Understand your customer:

Vivo offers payment tracking and performance reporting, with a detailed digital interface for customer management. All your client profiles will be under one complete registry. Get to know your customers through automated grouping and reports, and allow them to leave feedback and ratings for you to improve your service.

Keep your customer happy:

Allow your clients to enjoy special offers and online discounts. Make the payment process as smooth as possible by allowing customers to pay through their phone. Clover’s fully integrated POS will be directly integrated with your Vivo calendar, allowing you to accept payments in cash, Swipe, and card. Happy customers mean repeat customers!

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