Manage your appointments

Everyone gets busy from time to time and needs to cancel and reschedule appointments. We all understand this, but it’s something that can be costly and time consuming for your business. Here are 3 tips to make sure your clients stick to their appointments.

1. Set reminders

The most effective strategy is to simply remind your clients of upcoming appointments. Relying on your customers to remember can result in a lot of missed or forgotten visits. By using the Vivo app available on Apple and Android, you can easily send push notifications to your clients a day before the appointment to make sure they don’t forget.

2. Make it hard to cancel

Life happens and sometimes we need to cancel appointments. That’s absolutely fine, but by making it harder to reschedule, clients will be more hesitant to miss appointments. For example, if they cancel, your company would implement a policy that does not allow them to schedule again for at least two weeks, or they are not allowed a prime-time appointment spot. With Vivo’s online appointment booking calendar, your customers will easily be able to reschedule according to your company guidelines.

3. Offer perks for showing up on time

Using incentives to make sure clients arrive on time is an excellent way to build positive feedback from the customer. An example of an incentive could be to give a raffle ticket to a customer every time they show up on time - then every month, one or more tickets could be drawn and the winner gets a prize. With Vivo’s integrated system, you can easily group your customers into different sections and keep track of their performance.

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