Why time management system is necessary for salons

Need an efficient time-management system for your salon? Vivo makes self-reservation a smooth process that saves you and your client both time and money.

By using Vivo, your salon management system includes online bookings, automated reminders, an online calendar and easy to use digital customer management systems. Self-reservations means you can give your clients an optimal customer experience. Here’s why:

Manage your own work schedule and calendar

Your salon calendar is online and works 24/7 - customers can book appointments at any time of the day and night! No more wasting time on phone calls and emails - the integrated calendar means they can immediately enter bookings and see when you have free slots available. 

Your number of no-shows will decrease

Customers who make an appointment online are much more likely to show up. And even if they don’t, Vivo’s online booking system will automatically free the reserved timeslot and make it available for booking. Those empty 30 minutes can quickly turns into an extra client! Vivo also allows you to send automated texts and email reminders to make sure your clients keep their appointments. Another way for you to save money on other marketing messages and time with no-show clients.

Easily see your client list and individual history

With Vivo’s payment tracking and performance reporting, you can easily see all your client profiles under one registry. Both you and your customer can see your entire schedule on a phone or tablet.

Efficiently manage your staff in real-time online

An online calendar and system mean you can keep your staff always up to date with the customer appointments and with their work schedule. No more confusion about who does what and when - with one online organized system you make sure everyone’s on the same page!

With Vivo, salon time management saves time, money and a huge amount of hassle!

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